EuroWin Pharmaceutical Incorporation was founded in 1990 and began its activity in the field of APIs, which quickly evolved into the development, registration, and distribution of finished generics, marketed today in over 27 countries.

Today, EuroWin is a global Health Care Company based in Paris, France,
focused on the development of niche generic pharmaceuticals, consumer health products, and drug development programs. EuroWin continues to grow by developing new products and expanding its international presence through a network of partners, exclusive distributors, and new affiliate offices.

The entrepreneurial and proactive approach of EuroWin has enabled the company to develop a wide range of products and become an innovative, reliable, and passionate partner in health care.

EuroWin is French Pharmaceutical Company develops, licenses, and sells a range of medical products globally. We believe that the key to improving people’s health lives in innovation.


We aspire to continuously expand through new developments and market opportunities, providing high-quality, innovative health care products on a global scale. In all we do, we strive to be innovative, reliable and passionate.


Engaging in three business units dedicated to the development of health care products.

Building strong and long-term partnerships with our contract manufacturers and suppliers.

Creating new business models to support our entrepreneurial approach.

Building on our 25 years of experience in the development,registration, and worldwide distribution of health care products.

Developing new drugs addressing unmet medical needs.

Expanding our global reach through commercial collaborations and our own distribution capabilities.

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Original Molecules
under Development


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Products under development


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Turnover invested in R&D


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Worldwide Affiliates


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Operating Countries