Nimesulide 75 mg/2ml Injection

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Product Description

 BRAND NAME:–  Relaxonim

 GENERIC NAME:- Nimesulide 75 mg/2ml Injection


Each 2 ml Contains:

Nimesulide………75 mg.

DOSAGE FORM:-  Injection

 PACKAGING:- 5 x 2ml Ampoules

Following Information is for the use only of a Registered Medical Practitioner or Hospital or a Laboratory or Healthcare Personnel only.


RELAXONIM is indicated in conditions like:Chronic arthritis (Osteoarthritis).

    • Respiratory tract infections.
    • Otorhinolaryngological diseases.
    • Soft tissues and oral cavity inflammation.
    • Dysmenorrhoea.
    • Phlebitis / thrombosis.
    • Urogenital disease.
    • Postoperative pain states.
    • Sports injuries.


The suggested dosage of Relaxonim injection is 75 mg intramuscularly twice daily.