Cefixime 400 mg , Ofloxacin 200mg Tablets

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Product Description

 BRAND NAME:–  Germoff

 GENERIC NAME:- Cefixime 400 mg , Ofloxacin 200mg Tablets


Each Tablet Contains:

  • Cefixime……….. 400 mg.
  • Ofloxacin………. 200 mg.

DOSAGE FORM:-  Tablets

 PACKAGING:- 1 x 6 Alu Alu

Following Information is for the use only of a Registered Medical Practitioner or Hospital or a Laboratory or Healthcare Personnel only.


Typhoid Fever.
Urinary Tract Infection.
Uncomplicated cervical/urethral gonococcal infections.
Respiratory Tract Infection.
Nosocomial Infections.
Soft Tissue Infections.
Surgical Prophylaxis.
Intra-abdominal Infections.


Adults: The recommended dose of Germoff is 1 tablet daily. This may be given as a 1 tablet daily or as half tablet every 12 hours.

For the treatment of uncomplicated cervical/urethral gonococcal infections, A single oral dose of 1 tablthe activity of amikacin is enhanced by an increased ph, A urinary alkalinizing agent may be administered_concurrently. Recommended.

Children: Below 12 years: Not Recommended

Children weighing more than 50 kg or older than 12 years should be treated with the recommended adult dose.

Efficacy and safety in infants aged less than six months have not been established, So Not Recommended.